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About the piano compositions:


These pieces are modern in that they are harmonically dense and have evolving time signatures, yet classical in that they are unabashedly melodic and romantic.   I don’t know where the tunes come from other than somehow my fingers seem to know where to go and they seem somehow familiar to me, as if they are what in some primitive form I played at age five when I pounded on my grandmother's piano. 


The pieces were written and recorded on a 108-year-old upright grand piano.  The upright grand was designed for volume, but because of where the dampers are located in the upright geometry, the dampers inherently can't dampen the strings well.  The piano rings long after a chord is struck and completely released, becoming its own echo chamber.

I tend to see the pieces as works of counterpoint (rather than harmonic chord progressions) with three tonic centers -- the tonic of the key, the standard tonic of the chord, and a point of dissonance such as where there is a major second interval, or sometimes even a stacked pair of major second intervals.  These major second intervals often occur in what would be considered jazz 9th and 11th chords, although I see them as 2nds and 4ths.

These pieces are songs of joy, laments for the bittersweet, and celebrations of the wonder of life, music, and love.

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